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My name is Lisa Marie Fergusson and I am consumed by all things horses. 

My earliest memories all include horses.  If there was a life before horses I certainly don't recall it.  My first pony ride with my Mom was at one week old.  I rode my first pony at the tender age of 4, my first event was at 12, completed my Pony Club A rating at 20, was long-listed for the Canadian Eventing Team with Uni Griffon at 24, and I won my first CIC 3* at 25. 

Throughout my career I have been very fortunate and blessed to have studied and trained with some of the very best Dressage, Grand Prix Jumper and Eventer minds in the world.   I currently train and compete competitively out of Unionville PA at the 4 star level with strong training influences from Phillip Dutton, Betsy Stiener, and Frankie Chesler.  

My personal goals and aspirations point toward The Olympics, Rolex, and Badminton, but all things considered, my pursuit of horse excellence lies within the day to day personal growth of simply being the best horse person possible. 

Whether that takes me to the Olympics or doing Beginner Novice course walks with Pony Clubbers, if it involves horses, I'll be there with appreciation and a smile.

Interview with Lisa Fergusson - Episode #94Major League Eventing Podcast
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